On the 11th of May 2019, we teamed up with Malit in The Community, to put on the event S.E.L.F (Savouring Every Lovely Feature). We took Art, Music, Comedy and Drama to Gibberish Brew Pub in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle. The theme of this was to explore self-love and self-image in the online age and within modern society.

The Small Steps team, curated artwork from local and new creatives responding to the themes laid out for S.E.L.F. For full information on the artists click here.

The evenings live entertainment, began with the talented Fiona Lennon. A wonderful way to start proceedings.

Malit then took to the stage performing their drama performance. Directed by Anna Griffith, with actors Isaac Nixon, Steph Palin, Stanley Burfield and Megan Peet, all delivering a wonderfully choreographed routine. Their performance was in response to a series of interviews they had conducted with participants aged 6-70 discussing self image and how society has changed the way we view ourselves.The interviews in themselves a beautiful intervention, and well worth hearing and was only strengthened through their performance.

Comedian Umby Winters was next up to perform. Winters has spent the better part of their life trying to figure out if they’re a man, a woman, or neither, or both. So far, all they know is that they’re a comedian. Their performance warmed us up brilliantly for the great comedy of David Eagle. David is blind, which makes doing observational comedy interesting. Being blind puts him in the kinds of unusual situations and interactions that sighted people wouldn't have. Leading to all manner of adventures which he imparts in his stand-up. 

The evening was rounded off by the Raffle. With the prizes donated including, ballroom dancing lessons, a free workshop at Make and even some Small Steps events merchandise.

As always we can only thank everyone for the support and attending. For all the creatives involved and the lovely people at Gibberish. We are excited to work with everyone again the future. More pictures of the evening below.

Words & Pictures by: Andrew Shaw

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